Thursday, February 27, 2014

Weekday Illness

As of yesterday morning I have been sick. An uncomfortable form of sick. The kind of sick where all you want to do is curl up in ball and watch bad T.V. all day. Unfortunately my life does not allow for this. Yesterday I had to TA a lab as I do every wednesday and today I have class all day. Not to mention I have to work tomorrow and give a review session for the lab midterm which is next week. If I wasn't sick this would all be pretty average, but since I am sick it all feels like one giant drag. 

I've had pneumonia 3-4 times in my life, once when I was little and a few times in high school. Once you get pneumonia you have a strong chance of getting it again so I'm trying to be really careful to not make myself any worse. Unfortunately for this blog and my rules this means that my exercise rules have fallen to the sides a little. I've woken up at 8 for the past two days, and kind of just milled about in my room rather than exercising. While I might feel bad about this normally, I don't feel bad because I'm pretty sure I might have passed out if I had exercised. 

I did have a salad for lunch today and yesterday though, so yay for salads. I did have a Korean burrito from whole foods last night, so I could have been healthier there but I was and and just wanted food that wouldn't make me sick. I have been living off water and emergen-C for the last two days for the most part though because I haven't been particularly hungry due to the sickness. I have gotten my 10,000 steps in, so at least there is that. I might do a post on my fitbit sometime soon but we will have to see, I'm not sure how much I have to say about it. 

Does anyone have sickness advice? I'm taking Advil cold and flu, and I can't take regular cold medicine because it makes me sick. I'm trying to stay hydrated and warm. Anything else? Anyone? Maybe? 

Either way, I should be better soon and Spring Break is two weeks away so there is lots to look forward to. I just have to make it though the sickness period. 

(P.S. I'm also an archaeology major) 

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  1. Tea? More sleep? Does sudafed count as your usual no-go cold medicine? Long hot showers to get steam going into your lungs and/or a humidifier at night? Clear soup? Feel better!